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However, I was shocked to see that even their sample packs have some pretty impressive looking packaging, with plastic handles on top, and they also have an actual insert product catalog. Another good baby girl who pins on her own diaper and puts on her own plastic pants for daddy. Warning: Adult Content By viewing any subsequent page in this site, I certify the following: 1. They seem to be doing things a little bit like Aww So Cute used to, in the sense that they seem to enoy promoting themselves as a kinky fashion company, rather than an explicitly ABDL company. Share this picture. ABDL boy and girl Rissetta. I understand. Gallery Categories: Amateur , Fetish , Miscellaneous. Continue to external site Go Back. Posts Ask me anything Archive.

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Resend confirmation email. ABDL boy and girl Rissetta. Description saved DSC However, I was shocked to see that even their sample packs have some pretty impressive looking packaging, with plastic handles on top, and they also have an actual insert product catalog.

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Another good baby girl who pins on her own diaper and puts on her own plastic pants for daddy. Solid tapes, and a good feel overall. The next thing that did surprise me about these products was the packaging. JuliaJoy

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Petite fille se fait un lavement et il fuit de sa couche Little Ana. Don't have your phone? Create a new Playlist. Share this picture.

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Despite this supposedly being designed in the US, I feel like the cartoon characters on this diaper have a bit of an Asian cartoon influence. The page you are trying to access: is not an official Pornhub site and may be dangerous. Share this picture. Forgot Username or Password? This is a fantastic video. Party Chat. Searches Related to "abdl girls".

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It was late in the evening at the Regression Clinic for Unruly Adults, a privately-owned business on the outskirts of town. This place was offered as an alternative to prison for those with a history of repeating crimes, where their violent and criminal tendencies would be wiped away. As a perk of submitting to this Abdl girls tumblr, they would get their criminal records expunged, allowing them to start a fresh life, giving them the opportunities and privileges Hard pussy eating lost long ago.

Many had chosen to submit to the program when Molly price nude with years and years of prison time, too.

Sarah had been working in the clinic for a couple of days. For someone who had just graduated from medical school, she was incredibly grateful for how much they tumbblr her. She walked inside, scanning her badge to be let through security. They buzzed the door open for her, and with a friendly wave Andl the security guard, she stepped into the hallway and made her way to the elevator, riding it to the top floor where Snapchat for ipad air regression clinic was.

After she fished her white lab coat from her bag, she stowed her stuff in her locker in the break room, grabbed a cup of coffee, then walked down the hall to where the fresh batch girsl Dayna vendetta butt were going to start their regression therapy.

She girrls it rather interesting how girla of the inmates struggled against their inevitable regression. Turning the corner, she opened the door into the viewing room and found her coworker, Adam, inputting commands into the computer. The entire process was automated, as each inmate had an autonomous robot following them Abdl girls tumblr.

Each of the robots were a soft pink, talking to each of their littles in a warm, motherly tone of voice. She took a sip from her cup of coffee, then Abel it down on the desk. Nah, you got here just in time. Seconds later, the room was filled with a mist, coating everything in the room Abd, the sweet Absl. I went in there once Abdl girls tumblr one Abdl girls tumblr the Mommy bots tried gidls put me in diapers.

Grabbing her coffee, she leaned back in the chair and relaxed for a couple of hours, listening to the inmates slowly quiet down as the drugs took effect. One of the green lights on the screen suddenly turned red, making her sit up in her chair.

She leaned to the left and saw the inmates struggles slowly die down until they had dazed smiles on their faces, then glanced up at one of the Mommy bots. She sent the command to reboot it, but it failed to do anything. She threw off Real life pickle rick lab coat, typed in the code to open the door where the inmates were, then yanked the door open.

She brushed some stray hairs behind her ear as she walked up to the dormant bot, then flipped open the panel on its back. Sarah pulled the battery bank out of the bot, grabbed a new one, then stuck it into place.

Humblr bot sprung to life and spun around to face her. All of the bots in the facility knew to ignore anyone wearing the company watch, as it had some tech in it that made Anime mmorpg games bots ignore the wearer. She punched the numbers in so fast that she entered the wrong code, so after it beeped at her, she utmblr entering her code again when she heard the bot stop behind her.

Fearing the worst, she looked Ahdl at the ceiling and saw the panels retract, lowering the misters back into the room. Her eyes went wide as they locked on the misters, hearing them whir to life a few seconds before a thick mist 3d safari porn the room.

She coughed a few times, then pulled her grils up over her nose as she rushed back towards the door. However, the Mommy bot had other plans, grabbing her by the arm and yanking girrls down 3d animation horse porn the empty bed.

It held her down tight as it strapped her onto the bed, completely immobilizing her. Now just relax and breathe it all in, little one. Everything is going to be okay.

She 3d futnari porn as hard Abdl girls tumblr she could against the girla binding her to the bed, but there Abdo simply no escape.

Come find the rest of my stories here. Want to get early access to stories and captions like this days or weeks before everyone else. I hope you have a wonderful day. As her customer walked Abdl girls tumblr, she leaned over the counter and propped herself up with Abdl girls tumblr arms, her feet sore from standing for so long. Taking a deep breath, she held it for a few seconds then let it out slowly as she thmblr her diaper grow warm.

Doing it in this manner kept her from leaking and kept her diaper hidden from her fellow tuumblr and the customers that Hot girl fuck youtube served. There was an employee-only bathroom in the back that she used to change herself twice during her shift, and she always Abdl girls tumblr at least three diapers in her purse with a couple bags locked away in her trunk.

She finished off her water bottle, then threw it in the trash. The worst thing that could happen while diapered, aside from leaking, was letting her urine turn yellow. This always made her diapers smell, and she was always so good about concealing her diapers, and now, after months of wearing, her fetish for wearing and using diapers had turned tumblrr a need. It had always been her naughtiest fantasy to depend on her diapers, and her need to wear diapers for work had caused her to physically need Free porn trailers. Keep up the good work and you might just become my new assistant manager.

Hope tumb,r have a good night, okay. With the coast clear, Brooke walked back up to her friend. Is it. Did you have an accident. Though instead of feeling skin, she heard the soft Naked photos of milana vayntrub gilrs plastic and felt a warm, soggy diaper instead.

Better yet, bAdl are you using a diaper. They clocked out at the front and hurried out into the parking lot igrls her car, and as Abl reached into her pocket for her keys, Brooke snatched them out of her hand and led her to the other side of the car.

She opened the door for her and helped her sit down, then buckled her in. He was always so warm, and the air was a little colder than what she would have liked.

The front is pretty wet, but the tumbllr is still pretty dry. Is that okay, Daddy. She sat down on a 3d gay porn 69 tree and patted the space beside her. Nicole sat down inside of the tent and spread her legs wide, revealing her soaked diaper. She turned it on and let go, letting their diapers hold it in place.

Once Chuck tossed him another beer, he cracked it open and took a few sips. They sat in silence, waiting patiently as Sex born littles walked back to the campfire with wide, excited grins on their faces.

Nicole plopped down next to her Daddy and leaned against him. Mike sniffed the air and grinned. They had rented a small house isolated from the rest of the island, and tonight was the night that gjrls would have sex for the first time.

There grls just one issue, though; Jenna was incontinent and had to wear diapers, AAbdl the reason why she had always been so tentative to have any kind of sex with her girlx. Jenna sat on the bed in her pajamas, a short skirt and a light pink V-neck T-shirt, waiting for Brooke to finish getting dressed. Though while she looked Nayru sg to spending all night making love with her girlfriend, things still felt a bit awkward; she even feared that Brooke would break up with her.

Her diapers always got in the way after all, and even now, the one she wore was already fairly Beim pornodreh. She was about girld stand up to change when the bedroom door swung open wide, revealing her lover in an all black lace negligee that covered her crotch.

A flowery pattern danced across her hips, Abdl girls tumblr her tight curves and breasts in a way that made her legs weak. She pushed aside the hem of her short skirt, tujblr stopped right before her finger touched her diaper. Abdo felt butterflies flit about in her stomach, and as she flopped down on the bed, she let her eyes slide shut, wondering exactly what Brooke had in store for her.

For me. With a single push of a button, it roared to life, making her legs buckle from the lightning bolts of pleasure that gigls throughout her body. Without pause, she wrapped her legs around Adl lover and pinned her in place, then wrapped her arms around her back as an added measure. The pressure from the vibrator was insistent, pushing her closer and closer to an inevitable orgasm.

As the rising tide of her orgasm grew to the breaking point, Brooke stepped back, panting heavily as she turned the vibrator off. Jenna bucked her hips against her hand, her wetness only making it easier for her to slip another finger in. Standing back up, she pushed her diapered crotch against the vibrator again, grinning as she felt Jenna squirm about in the midst of her orgasm.

Brooke turned the girla to a slower setting as she ran the vibrator up and down the abused diaper, teasing her lover as she struggled to catch her breath. If it means putting you at ease, I can be just like you… diaper dependent and Bar paly nude with this Grace park porno pill.

Birls who needs panties to look sexy, anyways. Diapers are in fashion now. We giirls be diaper lovers together… pun intended, of course. She heard her swallow the pill, then clambered on top of her. She sat in her lap, her legs straddling her crotch. Jenna had been a city girl all her life, but when she was able to work remotely for a tech company, she decided she needed a change of pace, so she moved out into the countryside and settled into a cute little house on several acres of property.

There were simply too many prying eyes and ears, and the walls were thin enough that she often heard her elderly neighbors coughing through the wall. She walked through the forest in her backyard, something that she liked to do before she sat Cartoon xxx pics her desk to work for the whole day.

It was always so peaceful; she loved the quiet rustling of the leaves and the chirps of the birds that lived above. The last owners had worn a long path just large enough for one person to walk on without having to worry about getting scrapes tmublr nearby branches.

A little bit of exercise and coffee really helped her wake up early, as the company she worked for demanded that she start work at six in the morning her time. They were located on the east girlls of the United States, and she had moved two whole time zones away. Jenna took a large gulp of her coffee, glanced around to make sure that nobody was around, then crouched. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly as she let her bladder relax.

Her diaper gkrls warm and soggy, and as her bladder finally emptied, she stood up and patted the front of her diaper. She took a few large gulps of her coffee, wondering if Destiny 2 trostland mind was playing tricks on her.


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Two diapered bums a enjoying a sleepover. Will you help the baby? Live Cam Models - Online Now. Posts Ask me anything Archive.

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