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Boyle attacked Freeze with one of the pipes, but Batman thawed out just in time to rescue him. He discovered that Penguin was hosting a fighting arena, which he attempted to break up. Listening to the Joker over the intercom, Batman learned that the clown enjoyed their last fight and wanted to continue fighting with him as long as possible. Batman recovered the Electrocutioner's Shock Gloves and used them to charge deactivated electrical equipment throughout the hotel and deliver powerful shocks to the army of Joker thugs in his way. Batman investigated at Dixon Docks where thugs hid there and ambushed them. As a result, the Joker offered one free shot, goading Batman to knock him off his perch and into a lethal fall, ending the madness. Jason blamed Batman for abandoning him with the Joker torturing him and he fought Batman.

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The family's faithful butler, Alfred , became Bruce's legal guardian and tried to help. Batman grabbed Freeze from below and took him down. Untying the doctor, Batman is informed by Dr. Batman defeated the goons and proceeded to rescue the captive doctors and Officer Cash.

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The Head of the Demon declared the final test was to kill him and take his place. There, Dr. Bruce was awakened by a Stun Baton , finding his hands and feet shackled.

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Eighteen months after the Joker's takeover of Arkham Asylum, Quincy Sharp was elected the Mayor of Gotham City, and claimed to be the one who was responsible for ending the Joker's control of the island. Harley, on the other hand, escaped and joined forces with Penguin, who was searching for Scarecrow. As a result, Dent's mind fractured and released a new second personality obsessed with duality - Two-Face.

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Shortly after assuming the role, Sharp declared that both Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Priison were uninhabitable, and ordered the construction of Arkham City on the southern banks of Gotham against the better judgement of both Batman and James Gordon. Leaving through the hole in the fun house, Batman radioed Alfred, explaining Protocol 10 was the killing the inmates by missile strikes via the helicopters. Knowing that the Joker wasn't dead, Batman searched for the Clown Prince of Crime, eventually succeeding in finding him and sending him back to Arkham Asylum. Strange was a step ahead of the Dark Knight, however, as he had Sharp announce his involvement in the Arkham City Project so that he could paint a positive image of it and also give him an alibi for his actions. Via a downloadable content feature 3 new missions will be unlocked one for each ending: 1. Talia was furious with both of them, deeming her father insane for threatening his own flesh and blood; she was also angry with Batman, as she believed that she love between them had finally brought him into the League. Baker to the Smelting Chamber for further torture for failing to cure Joker.

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Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password. Don't have an account. Sign up Btman free. WHat happens in the end. I beat the game many times in different difficulties and the person who grabs the titan in the end changes. User Info: nimcora. What are you asking you answered your own question.

Top Voted Answer. I've been wondering the same thing. I Brigitte lahaie porn movies there are different options to keep people guessing about the sequel but I don't know how it decides which one to show.

User Info: robmcl It doesn't matter Batman arkham asylum ending difficulty you beat the game, it will randomly choose one of the Batman arkham asylum ending persons to grab the titan box: Killer Croc, Bane and Scarecrow. And if you remember, they all got beaten by falling in Batman arkham asylum ending water.

User Info: sebnielly. Yea i just notis'd it,lol. User Info: codymcclain In normal difficult Asylumm Ersties lucy this one : You will see Scarecrow's needle arm grabbing on Batman arkham asylum ending titan contain, show that he is planning to using Titan for the future Arkham game not City, he's absent in that game and using against Batman. For other kind of method, maybe difficult but other user proved it wrong: Bane grabs the Titan and ends up Batman arkham asylum ending some place where he is securing with 6 contains hiding away while Batman goes and Anita kravos nude other 6.

Third one: Killer Croc appears to get it, but shows nothing in the game, maybe fake Secret Ending. Or Batman arkham asylum ending he is also preparing to using it effect in future game. Not sure. User Info: FredCat Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions.

Aslyum Status Where can I find the Batmobile at the end of the game. Answered Cant get back to transfer loop. Unanswered New perspective. Answered Glitched Riddler Trophy. Hot bikini boobs tumblr Answered Insane Night Challenge Batman arkham asylum ending question.

Ask A Question. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password. Where can I find the Batmobile at the end of the game. Cant get back to transfer Batman arkham asylum ending. New perspective. Glitched Riddler Trophy.

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Learning that two plants weren't enough, Batman was told to find a third on Founder's Island. He found some of the thugs ganging up on one of their own; he saved the thug, learning that he was actually Elvis Jones , one of the ten cops that Gordon had sent into Arkham City at the beginning. Ivy had the plant take the Batmobile back to the surface, where it grew around the church on Founder's Island.

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When it looked like Batman would kill him, the Joker laughed that he was ready so soon after Bane; however, Batman told him that Bane was still alive. I beat this game about 3 weeks and I had no idea about it. In the same month, a second tip came in the form of a note attached to a test tube.

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