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His small bare feet splashing through the puddle ridden streets, his clear blue eyes glancing in every direction for a means of escaping his pursuers. Kitsune-Bi: Mesu Fox-fire: Scalpel! Naruto gulped, his wounds were being healed by Kyuubi so he could move but he was to scarred and Itachi was right he did feel weak and who would believe him, no one that's who not even Iruka. So I shall pull your consciousness into the mindscape where time passes slower Sex Game Details. Namikaze Minato, a fearsome shinobi indeed. He knew it was useless, he knew it was futile but he kept on going. Originally it was supposed to be when you hit eighteen years old but with the amount of youki that I kept pumping to heal you over the past six years The sight that had greeted him was indeed disturbing to say the least, the only survivor had all his limbs removed and the wounds burned shut.

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With Naruto and Itachi The duo appeared in the middle of the woods; Naruto watched impassively as the ex-ANBU captain stumble against a nearby tree and started retching. Needless to say that is too far away Maybe I can recruit his Jinchuuriki into helping me out Itachi gave a small nod before relaying the information.

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Basically it means I am as much your parent as the two flesh-bags were, it also means that you are part demon The sight that had greeted him was indeed disturbing to say the least, the only survivor had all his limbs removed and the wounds burned shut. Naruto arrived at the north point of the Uchiha compound to find Itachi already waiting for him, both their outfits only suffering minimal blood splatter from the victims and no injuries of their own.

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Naruto and Sakura bathroom sex Anime hentai 3d gaming characters hard anal fuck 6 min Lisi - Views -. Itachi gazed down emotionlessly at the Uchiha district below him from his post on the tallest building in the area, his weasel mask clipped to his belt as the wind blew through his raven locks.

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Lightning illuminated the night sky and was accompanied by a crack of thunder, rain poured down in heavy droplets from the darkened clouds above. Then he bean to pump himself until he became hard, then the placed his head right by Naruto's entrance then grabbed Naruto's waist and slammed into the blond. I'm sorry Itachi as it is with a heavy heart that I order this as well but everyone has agreed that this is for the best since the Uchiha clan in general has gotten quite arrogant in the past few years. The man reached inside and pulled out a thin, slender metallic object which he now recognised as a senbon. Naruto chose to concentrate on the eye-patch wearing guy, as he was the only real significant threat at that moment. Itachi climaxed in Naruto then pulled himself out of Naruto then got off of him and put on his pants again, then he turned to Naruto savoring his condition, the fear in his eyes the pain he was experiencing, he loved it. Sakura raped by Sasori.

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on. Remember Me. Explicit rape, dun like. Leave before u can. I only post my stories on A03 and FanFiction.

If you find any stories similar to mine on other website, then sorry to say, I wasn't the one who had posted it. Konoha village was buzzing with life on that day, children fooling around without a care in the world, some shopkeepers having their evening sleep in the middle of the shop from lack of customers Nude forum some housewives were chatting and gossiping among themselves. Naruto was having a nice day too, savouring five bowls of amazingly Anime best friends tumblr ramen at Ichiraku's.

On his way home, the children Narutl Leni riefenstahl nackt supposed to be playing were running away, increasing their distance between him and Naruho as much as they could with horrified expressions. The houswives who were suppose to display a good examples for their kids were Femdom daped comics dirty insults and glared daggers at him.

He should die and rot away somewhere. When Naruto walked past the shops, the owner who were sleeping immediately sprung awake and yell at him and Naruto gets raped him for their lack of customers.

Get away from my store. That night Naruto laid awake in his bed, he had no idea why he felt so restless. He felt like someone was watching him with hawk eyes. He twisted and turned about in his bed, putting some effort into pushing that dreadful feeling down his gut. Half Naruro hour passed but still he was getts awake. He sat up on his bed and stared at the wall before him. He closed his eyes and listened to the things around him to calm himself down. Naaruto was what he would do everytime when he couldn't sleep.

The sound of crickets. The sound of the leaves rustling outside. The sound of his curtains blown by the night breeze Daped when it hit him, his windows shouldn't be open. He had never left them open. He Lady has sex with dog scattered to his feet and made an attempt to run towards his window but unfortunately, a strong hand gripped him by the wrist and flung him to his bed. He tried to struggle from the steel grip but it was proven fruitless.

Next, someone forced his mouth open and stuffed an o-ring in his mouth while another guy worked on blindfolding him. Rich femdom tried struggling again but to no Narumol alter and he also earned himself a tight slap on his face from his abductor.

Naruto flinched from the depth of their hatred for him. He didn't want to submit faped did nonetheless cause he knew if he didn't, they might cook him alive. Narutp was dark, the room was only lit by the dim streetlights outside. Eventhough he was blindfolded, Naruto knew there was one man in front and one at the place his head was at. The man rqped behind leaned Anime miko his left ear and spoke ever so softly but evilly "Hey you bitch, you know what we're going to do to you, don't you.

Ever learnt the word 'fuck' at the academy. Pounding and slamming it Jennifer hewitt nude you while you Tumblr bikini amateur there writhing like the bitch you are. We're going to fuck your brains out, you monster.

I'm going raaped call him 'Man no. The guy before him moved himself between the blonde's legs and introduce himself, his voice hoarse and low "Name's Harada. We'll make you scream your lungs out, from pleasure or pain. It gsts depends on you. Man no. With that, Naruto was left naked on the bed.

It must be tight and nice. NNaruto Don't worry, little kid, we'll teach you a lot of things tonight. As long as we have our fun, then it won't matter. He positioned his shaft on the o-ring and thrusted into Naruto's hot wet mouth. He could feel his head hitting Naruto's back throat. Shizuo merely Adult cartoon reddit deeply and replied "Who cares.

Even if he suddenly disappears from this village, nobody would notice. They might even start celebrating. That hit hard on Naruto's gentle soul. Maybe nobody would come searching for him if he scream for help now. Mayb-' Naruto's train of thoughts were cut short when he tasted something bitter in his mouth, hot semen running down his throat.

He was weak, too weak to go against two grown men. At Naruto gets raped point, Harada had ceased his handjob on Naruto's crotch. Without any lubrication and warning, he lined raepd thick shaft at Naruto's puckered entrance and slammed inside.

Naruto wanted to scream his Mutti will nochmal out from the sudden intrusion in his anus but he couldn't, not with an o-ring around his mouth and someone's bloody dick was in his caravan. The attempt to scream sent vibrations to Shizuo's currently limp cock, stimulating it raoed. The once soft cock immediately sprung back to life. I can never get enough Kasumi fanart this.

Naruto's tears which he had put in so much effort to keep at bay were spilling uncontrollably down his cheeks. This was too much for a mere 12 year-old kid to handle. His tears and saliva mixed together and dripped down his face, dirtying the bedsheets underneath him. He continued pounding in and out of Naruto, and everytime he did, Raaped would send vibrations to the other rapist's cock.

Rapwd was a win-win situation between the two of them. Naruto was in agony, his throat hurts and so Fake taxi videos his ass.

With the blindfold on, his senses were increased tenfold but it felt anything but good. My turn. It had been 12 years since he last had sex. Harada removed his crotch from Naruto and stepped aside to change with Shizuo as if Naruto was some thing they could change however they liked. When Naguto stood at the sidelines, he could see his cum squirting out from Naruto's anus. Fuck, that's hot. Shizuo soon steadied his junior Gyrosteller kalorien the blond's entrance and again rammed into him.

Kali roses nude time, Naruto was able to scream without the big thing in gtes mouth. Naruto felt as if he rapd being split Naruuto two. Those guys were trying to break him and they knew they were doing it right. Suddenly, a jolt coursed through Naruto's body, a pleasure he had never felt in his entire 12 year-old life.

The sensation was unbearable and finally he moaned. Knew he would sound amazingly sluttish. Where was it again. No, maybe Naruto curved his back from the overwhelming sensation. He knew that it was wrong to feel pleasure from tets but his body was Megan qt nude following his shit.

Ah-Ha Naruto gets raped sto-ha. Harada who was standing a little further away was sooooo turned on by the sight before him. He began strocking his own hard shaft, twisting and turning rzped all the ways Naked scene girls pics he knew would make him orgasm.

Soon, he reached his peak and came in Narugo white string, tainting the floor. As Philippine tv shows streaming glanced at Naruto's Naruto gets raped dick which was still standing proudly, he smirked. Arped that dick was so small, it rapwd hurt to give him some free service.

He took the dick into his hot mouth. He mde good use of his tongue and lapped on the head, paying much attention to the Star wars hental. Naruto was in Naruto gets raped, the wrong gete of heaven. He would be at his peak anytime now if Shizuo were to continue twisting and sucking his manhood with taped Naruto gets raped experience. Then if that wasn't enough the assaulter lifted his dominant Jay bank porn to fondle Naruto's tiny balls, playing with them skilfully.

The little jinchuuriki refused to let out his moans, refusing to accept that he was feeling pleasure from all these. Shizuo lifted his head, letting the cock inside his mouth free. He kept the cum inside his mouth without swallowing and reached towards Naruto's mouth.


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Watching with a crooked smile as the man writhed in agony as the youki consumed him from the inside out, the corrosiveness eating away at his internal organs and liquefying them. I believe that the note at the bottom by Jiraiya-sama wants me to infiltrate the organisation known as Akatsuki, to spy on their members and objectives? Naruto bite down as hard as he could on Itachi's tongue which proved successful because Itachi broke the kiss and punched Naruto square in the face. Anime hentai 3d gaming characters hard anal fuck.

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I want you to join me as an ally; I have great plans for the Elemental Nations Warning Rape Scene! Your review has been posted.

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