Adramelech demon. Adramelech/Adrammelech in 2 Kings & the Dictionnaire Infernal

Adramelech demon. Adramelech

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Adramelech – Occult World

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Demons 4, Views. Adramalech is of uncertain origin. Possibly he was derived from a Samarian Sun god worshipped by the Sepharvites, who burned children as a sacrificial offering to him. Adramelech himself is often portrayed as a peacock see Iblis or as a mule. He is the eighth of the 10 evil Demons of the sephirot of the Tree of Life see Kabbalah. He works under the command of Samael. Adrammelech Adramelech, Adramelek the lordship of Melech, the king In Near Eastern mythology, a god worshipped by the people of Sepharvaim.