Advantages of using acrylic paint. What are the of Acrylic Paints? (with pictures)

Advantages of using acrylic paint. and of Acrylic Paint

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The Pros & Cons of Artist Grade Acrylic Paints

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By the s acrylic paint became commercially available and it has greatly increased in popularity since then, with new colors and mediums being introduced regularly. Since it dries quickly, an artist can work in multiple successive layers without muddying the colors. A spray bottle of water is indispensable to slow down the drying time a bit, both on the painting and on the palette. Acrylic paint can be purchased in a variety of forms - in tubes, in jars, in plastic squeeze bottles, and in small ink-bottles. Adding this to the paint will help thin it out. You can use as much of this medium as you want since it is made with the same plastic polymer as the paint.