Peter the wild boy kensington palace. Peter the Wild Boy - Wikipedia

Peter the wild boy kensington palace. The Tragic Origins Of Peter The Wild Boy

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Peter the Wild Boy's condition revealed years after his death | Art and design | The Guardian

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Was Peter a feral child or was he afflicted with a rare genetic condition that had not yet been discovered? Peter was about 11 years old when he was found, naked and disheveled, living alone in a forest in Hanover, Germany. He could not speak, walked on all fours, ate with his hands and disliked wearing clothes. It was speculated that Peter had been raised by wolves or bears, and his wild appearance and erratic behavior caused quite a sensation in England. Is it our genetics or our environment and upbringing that determines our behavior? Upon arriving in England, Peter became the ward of Princess later Queen Caroline who saw to it that he got an education.