Mermaid vhs cover. little mermaid vhs banned cover | eBay

Mermaid vhs cover. Was a Phallus Purposely Added to the Artwork ‘The Little Mermaid’ VHS Cover?

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Little Mermaid VHS Tapes Could Prove More Valuable Than You Think

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These were also the glorious tapes that brought the magical world of Disney movies to our tube televisions. We all had a stash of these VHS tapes at home while growing up, but when VCRs became obsolete, they no longer had a place in our lives. However, some of us found it hard to throw away such important pieces of our childhood, so we stored it somewhere in our basements or attics and forgot about them. If you were among those people, then it may be time to dig them out and dust them off because they could be worth a lot of money. In fact, if you own one of the original copies of The Little Mermaid , you could be sitting on a gold mine.