Horrible dares snapchat videos. List of dares: 50 ideas for your dare party!

Horrible dares snapchat videos. 17 Of The Worst Dares People Have Actually Done

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+ Embarrassing Dares for Truth or Dare | HobbyLark

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SnapDare is a social networking app modeled after the classic sleepover party 'Truth or Dare'. Once your friends join, you can send them truths and dares and they can respond by sending some to you in return. For proof, you can send the truth or dare back with a video or a photo. This app has a simple red background with white text. There is hardly any design incorporated in the app at all. The only icon is the French Bulldog icon that appears when you log into the app. For such a fun concept you would think the developers would want to have a fun look for their app as well.